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Whether engaging in merchandising, sales, trade, or commerce, laws exist pertaining to your relations, rights, and conduct. Business law, which is also referred to as commercial law, is this body of law. Business law encompasses laws that dictate how a business is formed and operated. Included are governing laws for getting started, buying, managing, closing, and selling virtually any type of business.

The rules that businesses are supposed to follow are established by business laws. To be a successful business owner, you should have a good understanding of what these laws are and how they should be applied. If you have questions regarding a current business or you are just getting started with a new business, seeking legal advice would be beneficial. Dan Claiborne, in Carrollton, Texas offers more than 40 years of experience in this particular field.

Included in business law are laws on the state and federal level, along with administrative regulations. This area of law draws on a number of legal disciplines, including real estate, employment law, sales, tax law, intellectual property, and bankruptcy, among others. A system of business laws that can be enforced not only benefits you and your company but also the economy. These laws ensure that business transactions are more efficient and seamless, that buyers pay according to the agreed upon terms, and more.

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More Complex Transactions

While you may be qualified to handle certain commercial transactions on your own, with more complex situations, you will likely need legal assistance. Especially if your industry is heavily regulated, legal guidance is essential. This will prevent your business from being negatively affected by legal developments. Even if you have been in business for years and are a savvy business person, problems arise. With an objective eye and years of experience, Dan will offer you valuable insight into a transaction.

Attempt to Avoid Litigation

With business law, there is very distinct guidance as well as rules that you should follow prior to a dispute occurring. By hiring Dan, your transactions will be structured in such a way that any exposure your company has to litigation is dramatically minimized. Regardless of your industry, with strategic legal maneuvering Dan can show you ways to save money.

Hiring a Great Business Law Attorney in Carrollton, Texas

Whether you currently own and operate a business or have plans to start a new business in the near future, your success could depend on getting the right legal advice. Dan L. Claiborne has a long history of excellence pertaining to business law. For a consultation, please contact him today.